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Examples of previous projects completed

Over the years, we've designed and built a vast array of specialist machine tools and workholding fixtures. Among these are:

  • CNC controlled Gun Drill for Rockdrill Bits
  • 2-way tapping machine with shuttle table loading system
  • 6-way semi-transfer machine for machining of motor car rear axles
  • Multi station linear transfer machining line for manufacture of graphite electrodes
  • Large diameter deephole drilling machine for graphite electrodes
  • CNC controlled coordinate table gun drilling machine for diam. 4mm to 25mm x 600mm deep
  • Gun drill for holes diam. 35mm x 2 500mm deep
  • 2-way facing and centering machine with shuttle loader for motor car stub axles
  • 2-way boring and recessing machine with shuttle table loading system
  • 6-way multi station indexing machine for automotive components
  • CNC controlled precision coordinate tables
  • Workholding fixtures for machining of truck rear axles, gearbox housing, motor car inlet manifolds and alloy wheels
  • Workholding fixtures for loading/unloading systems